DIY: Comfrey Infused Oil And Toner

Vintage apothecary glass from a flea market. The label is from Ikea.
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  Comfrey is one of my skin care staples since a few months, and my skin loves it. I have been using it in an oil and a toner since several months, and I love the results. The two extremely simple Comfrey recipes that I use to make my infused oil and my toner come from the amazing Alinarose. These recipes are very basic and can be adapted to many other herbs, in case you can't find comfrey in your country.

Comfrey is a medicinal plants which is extremely beneficial to the skin:
* It helps the skin to regenerate, helping wounds to heal faster.
* It calms the skin, is antibacterial, soothes inflammations.
* Is very helpful in the cases of atiopic dermatitis and acne.
* It evens out the skin tone, removing redness and discolouration.
* Used around the eyes, it helps with under-eye circles.
* It helps with dryness

  I find that comfrey calms my skin, making it looks smoother, brighter and more taut.

   You can buy comfrey from a shop with herbs, I went to a local store which sells herbs for teas, and found comfrey leaves which seem to work very similarly to the roots. You can also try online. Chances are comfrey grows in your garden. I planted some and hope to harvest it this summer.

  I would like to present the recipes of a comfrey toner and an infused oil.

Comfrey Infused Oil

  This is basically an oil that is permeated with a herb. The comfrey infusion can be used as a makeup-remover, for oil-cleansing or like a cream. This is the best oil that I have found so far for the oil-cleansing technique -- my skin loves it, and I never get blocked pores.

What you need: 
Comfrey roots or leaves, flax seed oil. (You can use any oil that your skin likes).
How to: 
  Put the comfrey roots into a container and pour the oil in till the roots are covered. After around three weeks the infusion should be ready. Pour the oil through a sieve, into a pretty container.
    If you use an oil that tolerates heating, you can make a bain-marie to quicken process faster (or use baby food warmer, or put the container on top of the heater).

Comfrey Toner

  To use, dab onto a cotton wool pad and wipe your face with it, alternatively use the pads as compresses for the eyes. It can also be mixed into clay masques.

What you need: Comfrey roots or leaves.
How to:
  Put a tablespoon of comfrey into a glass, pour boiling water over it. Let it steep for a few minutes, then pour through a sieve into a pretty container. It can be stored for a couple of days in the fridge, though you can add a conservant to make it last longer (for eg vitamin E).

   Don't forget to label your cosmetics, or like me you'll find mysterious containers of suspicious liquids every time you declutter your bathroom.

    Have you ever used comfrey? Would you like to try to make this toner or this oil infusion?

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