Skin-Toned Basic Underpinnings

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    I had five different roles in my theatre piece, and that means five different costumes. I literally had minutes to change my clothes and do my hair. And then I had to enter the stage looking calm and collected, as if I had been wearing that outfit all day. I wouldn´t have done it without two helpers and my basics of nude underthings.

    Every woman should have a capsule collection of well-fitting nude underpinnings. Why you need them:
  • They make clothes look more formal, pulled together and modest*.
  • They make difficult clothing work: too sheer formal wear, for example.
  • Perfect for travelling: you never know what clothes you might buy on the way.
   Obviously, what exactly you need depends on your style and lifestyle. Personally, I have discovered that having a nice palette of universal skin-toned underthings means I can be more adventurous with my clothing choices.
   *Modesty: This may or may not be a priority for you. However I find it hard to pull off sheer clothing without looking tacky, if you are not wearing the right undergarments.

Here is my collection of nude basics:

Strapless: Ewa Michalak Toffi and Wonderbra

   I have several nude bras that I wear under whites and most sheers stuff, however the strapless wins because of its versality. It works under strapless dresses, strappy tops and dresses, and all kinds of wide necklines, where visible bra straps would look sloppy. The Wonderbra is more comfortable, but nothing beats the Toffi for support.

Nude tank top: HM

    I wear this under everything that is sheer (or even a tad sheer). I like that it gives me a smooth look and looks modest.
   The tank top form HM isn´t the ideal tank top because the beige is a bit dull. I´d prefer something a bit more satiny -- nudes look nicest if the fabric is glossy. I do however appreciate the thin straps and the length of the tank top (it should not be too short).

Nude bottoms

    When buying nude bottoms, go the whole way and make sure they are invisible or seamless (which means you get no Visible Panty Lines). I have no idea where my favourite pair is from, but my second fav one is from Affinitas. Get ones with a cotton crotch, to keep infections away from your ladybits.

Half-slip: HM

   I use half-slips for several reasons: to mask visible panty lines, to smooth out the area and help clingy skirts fall better, under sheer skirts, and to minimise stactic from tights.
   The half-slip from HM is great: the fabric is soft and slightly stretchy, nothing like the only-fashioned stiff ones. The fabric has a slight sheen and is very pretty, and it matches the Toffik nicely.
   A plus point if the slip has a lace trimming on the bottom -- this will look intriguing and sexy if the bottom of the slip is revealed.
   In case you have a hard time finding a slip that works for your slip colour, this is very easy to sew as long as you know how to work with stretchy fabrics. Here is a tutorial.

Thigh-highs: Falke

   I love Falke because they are basically indestructible. This German-made pair survived the three theatre performances in spite of getting into contact with velcro on my shoes and less-than-careful handling, while the nylons of my fellow actress had runs after the first scene. I chose thigh-highs because waist-highs make me sweat, are often too low at the crotch and the band can create bulges and rolls. This pair actually stays put and I have had no problems with it trying to slip off. I seriously recommend Falke when it comes to hosiery!

On my wishlist:

Here are items that I would like to own, but haven´t yet purchased. Does anyone have any tips for me?
   A nude full slip, to wear under sheer dresses. It is really hard to find something that works in the bust area, so it would either have to be bust-free, or with an in-built bra (is this even possible to find in a 28E?)
   A nude strapless tank-top. Does this have a proper name? For strapless sheer tops.
   A nude bustier-- I noticed this is what celebs wear under sheer stuff. Now I don´t think I´ll ever find something for me as I would need something in my bra size that works for my tum as well.
    A long slip that goes past my knees. This is so rare that it´s almost a unicorn.

Tips for buying basics:

  • "Nude" is a relative colour. My nude is a slightly darker shade of beige. Your nude may be almost white, or tan, or brown -- whatever is close to your skin tone.
  • Black often works really well as a "nude" for darker skin tones, as it is a colour that recedes and does not call attention to itself.
  • Pastel pink can work as a nude tone for very pale skin tones.
  • White bras don´t work under white, nude bras work under white!
  • Nude works best when the fabric is luxurious, aka glossy. Matte nudes can look matronly. I like my nudes to be slightly synthetic, as they age better than pure cotton.
  • A little bit of embellishment can work wonders to make a nude piece look interesting, but the outlines of ruffles or lace should not be visible under clothing.
  • Nude will have you covered for most cases, but you can also get all the basics again in black if you want all your bases covered.

   "Nude" will obviously be defined by your skin tone. Even though the industry tries to define skin-tone as a certain shade of beige, for some, off-white and even pale pink might work as nude, for others it will be browns.

   Do you have a collection of skin-toned underpinnings? Or do you find that too old-fashioned? What are your personal rules about wearing sheer fabrics?

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