Weekend Reads 29-11-2014

      Hi everyone, have you been? I'm in the middle of a flu, and it's not fun, especially as kids don't let you have a day off.
   Autumn ends for me with the beginning of the first advent. I have been auditing my winter wardrobe, which is much smaller than my summer one -- commuting by bike and public transport means my winter clothes have to be really warm and comfortable. And it's not so easy to thrift sweaters that are made of nice wools and not acrylic or cotton.  

* Style: This post really showcases the power of alterations.

* Bras: or rather breasts. An photographer interviews women (from lap dancer to priest) and asks them how their feel about their breasts. The photos are NSFW. Also, the 101-year-old Jewish lady is seriously badass.

* Travel: "It is forbidden to take photos of soldiers relaxing", and other unexpected images from North Korea.

* Body: Renee Zellweger had plastic surgery done, which I normally don't judge. However, it pained me that the work done to her epicanthic eye folds seems to have been done to get closer to stereotypical north european woman look. Renees original eye shape is a characteristic of her Kven/Sami heritage. For me, they were a reminder that what is unromantically called hooded eyes can be really charming.

* Food: This pumpkin mousse is amazing, and easy to make. You can store it for a pretty long time if you pour it directly into airtight jars (I get mine from Ikea) that you have thoroughly sterilised with boiling water. Make a double batch, it's a great gift!

* Funny: This guy experiences a $24,000 flight.

* Inspiration: This amazingly shot editorial makes me want to go o Italy next summer. Or at least do my eyes like her.

* Movie of the week: Speaking of Italy, this is one of the most beautiful films I  have sen this year is La Grande Belazza (The Great Beauty). Every shot is mesmerising, and I love the touch of surrealism. For best results watch in original Italian with subtitles. Dubbing takes away one-third of the film's beauty.

Speaking of Italy, this is one of the most beautiful

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