Sexy Bras In Bigger Cup Sizes! Reader Request: Valentines Day In G+ Bras

Curvy Kate Carmen Rose

Arielle wrote in with this request:

   I've been following your blog for a few years now, and you've well-beyond converted me to finding bras that actually fit (32G/30GG after years of being a 36 DD). You have so much information about bras for everyday, which is great, but with Valentine's Day coming soon, I've recently been searching for fancy/sexy/Victoria-Secret-esq lingerie that will actually fit my boobs. I confess I did stop in VS the other day to try on a few pieces that were in my "old size" and my boobs just looked so saggy and unsexy... I've been looking online a bit but pickings are you have any advice on places to look? I'm based in the US, but I have a feeling Europe is more size-friendly?

  So, sexy lingerie in a GG cup? A new bigger-cupped brands are cropping up and existing brands expand their size range, finding beautiful lingerie in G+ sizes is not mission impossible anymore. Sexy can mean different things to different women -- it can be sheer black lace or cheetah print, lace and ruffles or red satin. For one person a sexy bra means sheer low-cut cups, for another it is a push-up that creates a killer cleavage, for yet another it would be a romantic retro longline. But one thing for sure -- there is nothing as sexy as a well-fitted bra in the right size which will give you lift and shape that will make you look great and feel confident.
   A good place to start for US-based women would be BareNecessities which carries a huge selection of brands in the full size range. Just be aware that prices may vary a lot in different online stores, so shop around if you are on a budget.
   Here are a couple of suggestions, do chime in with your recommendations in the comments!

The US brand Parfait Affinitas have a couple of sexy bras in a G cup, the Charlotte and Kitty models spring to mind. The aesthetics are understated and elegant.
Another US-based brand Change offer some sexy styles, including the Intimate Britney Spears Anemone (another review here) which is a sexy cage bra that comes in a bigger cup.

Most of big-cup-friendly brands are from the UK. Many of these you can buy in Nordstorm or through US-based online stores, or directly from the UK.
Curvy Kate bras is what I recommend to women who are fans of a retro-burlesque look and rich colours.
Panache bras are rather conservative when it comes to design but it's sister brand Cleo is fun and girly; while Masquerade has a couple of glamourous styles that come in bigger cups (like the Antoinette).
Freya with it's bright colours, sheers fabrics an interesting option if you are looking for something fun and youthful. 
Pour Moi? offers the Forbidden which is a cage / harness style that comes is several styles and colours and comes with some killer bottoms.
Fantasie's luxurious line Fauve has a couple of beautiful bras in bigger sizes, as well as bustiers. I used to think that Fantasie is stuffy, but I ended up loving the looks of their Allegra and the more boudoir Elodie.
Bravissimo has a couple inexpensive offerings, I personally like their Rococo Charm and the  Lola Luxe Basque.
Avocado Valentina

Prefer continental Europe?
Ewa Michalak is probably the winner when it comes to shape, comfort and lift for bigger cups. They will also custom-make bras for you if you want one that doesn't come in your size. The aesthetics is definitely not minimalistic, expect lace, colours, patterns. Their Babydoll with a built-in bra is cute. They even have a new model called Victoria's Secret. Cheeky!

Avocado has narrower cups and more classic designs. They have their own sizing, you can find the sizing guide on their site. The Valentina In Love is a classic black lace design.

Empreinte is a French brand that I have discovered really recently. Their seduction line has several beautiful bra models that are the elegant kind of sexy. If you click on "details of the forms" on the right, you'll see that each bra comes in several styles. However the cups go up only to G.
  Over to you, dear readers. What you add to this list? And, most importantly, which bra would you pick if you were aiming to seduce?

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