Bra Review: Avocado Jewel A In Choco Chili In 65D

   A while back I wrote about Avocado as one of the interesting bra brands from Poland that carry affordable bras in a full size range. I got a chance to try and review a couple of Avocado bras, and today I will talk about the Jewel choco chili, the next post will cover another model and a giveway!
   The bra has been provided to me as a review sample, but all opinions are my own, as always. Currently my measurements are 68/81.

   Avocado carries bras in five different constructions which are named after a letter of the alphabet, all nicely explained here. The Jewel comes in the A and the H cut, I got the A. There are also two colour versions: I got the choco-chili which flatters my deep autumn colouring, but if you prefer something cooler and brighter you might love the pink-magenta version.


Aesthetics: 5/5

  The Jewel is a handsome bra with its folklore-ish embroidery and chocolate-brown mesh. A continuation of the floral embroidery on the straps is a nice touch and there is even a small decorative detail on the closure at the back. The rich brown colour of the choco-chiliis quite flattering on warmer skin tones.
   The hooks and clasps and eyelets are made of metal which is coloured to exactly match the fabric. The bow in the center complements the embroidery, but can be easily removed if you are not into bows. The entire bra looks well-made and luxurious.
   The embroidery is visible under tight and thin fabric,as you can see on the photos at the bottom of the post.


Fit: 4/5

   Avocado cups tend to run narrow and deep, however the A cut seems the least deep of them all.
  The cups are rather projected, definitely not for those with shallow breasts. The deepest point of the cups is center-front. The underwires are rather narrow. They are not very long, and don’t go up very high in the front or the underarms. The gore is very narrow (the underwires are close together in the front).
   The cups are build for narrower breasts that are projected and closer together. I was pretty surprised that the narrow underwires fit me, since I always needed very wide underwires in the past. I think that years of wearing the right size + the Braologie bra has moved my tissue from around the armpits towards the center. The underwires of the Avocado Jewel are on the soft and flexible side.
   The top edge of the cups is backed by a thin elastic, which pulls it in and makes the cup "closed" at the top. This will probably  slightly loosen with time, making the top edge a bit more "open", like I experienced in the Discover Mademoiselle Clara Bow.
    Straps are two-piece and can be regulated only half of the way. They are set rather close together.
   The Avocado Jewel gives a lot of lift, especially for a unpadded bra. It gave me a centered and rounded shape that still looks natural

    A note on the Avocado cup sizes: they have their own sizing system which skips the double letters. You can shoot them an email if you are not sure about which size you should pick.

Comfort: 5/5

   The mesh is very soft and doesn't scratch at all.
A point for the hook closure: the hooks are slightly flatter than average, which makes them very comfortable.
   he boning in the band is so light and comfortable that I hadn't noticed it until anther blogger pointed it out.
  The low and narrow gore means I have had absolutely no discomfort in that area. The underwires are rather flexible and adjust well to the shape of my ribcage.


   The Avocado Jewel choco chili is great for women who prefer narrower underwires and have breasts with a lot of projection. If you need something broader, try the H cut. I personally think that it's amazing that the same design is available in two different cuts -- how many times have you seen a bra that you loved but the cut didn't work for you?
   Also, if one cut fits you really well, you can buy other bras in the same cut basically with your eyes closed.

Avocado Jewel A Stats:

Band unstretched: 63cm
Band stretched to the maximum: 82cm
Underwire length: 20cm
Underwire width: 13cm
   These measurements have been taken after appx. 5 wears :)

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