Reader Question: 10E/10F Aussie Looking For Bra Recommendations

S from Australia sent in this mail:
I came across your blog last November, measured myself (loose in the bust 92cm and below 76cm) and using the bra calculator got the size 10DD. I have migrated breast tissue under both arm, right side tissue is bigger than the left. When shopping I found 10DD could not hold migrated tissue and settled for 10E and 10F.  I have been using these bra last 7 months. Now my migrated tissues are again spilling out of bra and overall my breast looks spread sideways and flatter. 

* My current measurements- loose in the bust- 97cm, tightly below the bust 80cm
* a bit about breasts: tear-shaped, floppy, sagging, migrated breast tissue under both arms (right arm more).
* I live in Australia.
* if you are talking about a bra you tried on that fit or didn't fit you, please mention the size, brand and model (or at least cup style) currently using 10E and 10F, full figure bra, padded and not padded designs, Target brand. It is very difficult to find above D cup size and very limited choices. 
My questions are:
* Is this bra right fitting for me?
* Migrated breast tissue is again spilling out of bra. Will it ever move back? as per your blog, the migrated tissues moves back after a few months of using larger cup bra. 
* Can you suggest push up bra size and brand? I need push up for occasional use.

I cannot tell if the bra fits you correctly without seeing it, however I can try to give you some tips.
You mention that you wear full figure bras. I find that they are extremely unflattering for tear-shaped breasts and unfirm breasts. Usually the top stays empty even when the bottom is too full, and because of this women buy the wrong cup size because they feel that the cup is too big. It's possible that balconette style bras will look and fit much better, at any rate they work well with tear-shaped breasts.

Migrated tissue is an individual thing, depending on the specific body, the age of the woman, etc. In my experience during the first few weeks a lot of the migrated tissue goes back and women often go up a cup size or two; slower changes in the shape and consistency of the breast tissue can take place for several years.

You mentioned that migrated tissue is still spilling out of the bra. Is the cup big enough to contain this tissue when you scoop and swoop? Is the band snug enough to keep things in place? (to test this try on the bra backwards, with the cups on your back. Try to pull it away from your ribcage, it should not pull away more than a few centimetres.)
I don't have any experiences with Target, but if it's anything like supermarket bras in Germany then chances are that the bras have lost their shape after 7 months of wear and the band is looser than it was.
If you have no problem with ordering from abroad, I really recommend the Braologie Posture And Contour Bra, it's really amazing if you are dealing with breast tissue migration. It also gives great cleavage. Then of course I love Ewa Michalak, some of their bras have insertable pads, if you buy another set of them so that you can put two in each bra pocket you get nice cleavage. Another bra that is great for cleavage but without the negative effects on the breast tissue is the Gossard Superboost.

I am a bit stumped about recommending specific bras as I'm not quite sure what the market is like in Australia. Can you get British brands there? Are the shipping costs + taxes reasonable if you order online directly from the UK? Can readers from Australia please chime in with their bra recommendations?

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