My Lingerie Picks For This Autumn

One of my favourite things about the beginning of autumn is swapping out my wardrobe --light cottons and breezy linens  are packed away with little pieces of cedar wood tucked between them, and out come woolly knits and heavy draping layers. What I love most about dressing in the falls are the little details: socks peeking above boots, pompoms on caps and colourful bootlaces. And pretty (and well-fitting) lingerie below all those warm layers. That makes me feel well chic and elegant, even if I'm the only one who sees it all day.

One thing I usually do in the autumn is to go through my lingerie drawer, delegating worn-out bras to sleeping bras and welcoming a new bra or two to my little collection. Below is an overview of the bras from the HauteFlair online store that have caught my eye and that I'd love to see in my lingerie drawer this season. All of these bras come in a decent range of sizes, and I have tried to give an insight into the fit. And pssst, on the weekend it's time for you -- stay tuned for a special giveaway!

Tshirt bras that are just lined and not padded or moulded are really hard to find. The minimalistically designed Nouvelle Fullcup Addiction Lingerie is a great combo of stretchy and supportive. Don't let the name fool you, this bra is quite low-cut! The boning on the wings and the long underwires (under the armpits) keep migrated tissue contained. The mesh give a visual lightness to the cup, especially in the bigger sizes. This model also comes in beige as well as classic black.

If you prefer lace and botanical motives with a touch of old-world glamour, Sophia by Le Mystère will catch your eye. I've got a weakness for colourful lace, and I'd am drooling over the matching panties and the lace garter belt. I personally think that cornflower blue version is the prettiest, but the Sophia also comes in red and lack. The lace lies flat and is not very visible under clothes, the inside of the cups is lined with memory foam which makes them very soft. The band is a bit on the tighter side, so you might want to size up. 

If you are plus-size, the Panache Sculpresse Chi Chi is among the (still too few) bra models that have bands in bigger sizes as well -- to size 46 to be exact. The strong point of the Sculptresse Chi Chi is the construction -- the bra is very supportive and gives the breast a lot of lift and forward projection (thanks to the strong side panels which also contain any migrated breast tissue). The lace is stretchy and will not dig in into the breast tissue.

I recommend the Panache Sport to everybody, I already own two and am looking to add a third one to my collection so that I can go longer between laundry days. It's super comfortable, and supports the breasts by encapsulating them instead of flattening them. The breasts also supported from above (the top edges of the cups), which prevents them from bouncing up. The bra dries quickly and mine looks almost brand new after a lot of use. I have worn the Panache Sport for everything from running to Yoga to dance, and have always found this bra model to be extremely comfortable and supported. It's also both pretty enough and provides enough coverage to be worn on it's own. 

If you're not a fan of underwires (which are super-comfy), there is also an unwired model.

I already own the Charlotte from Parfait Affinitas in peach, but I'd love to get my paws on another of the colours it comes in. Either the red, or the floral pattern. This bra is a huge favourite of mine: it looks and feels really luxurious, like something that costs at least twice as much. The Charlotte is also sturdy and very supportive. The side-sling pulls the breasts front and center. An important thing is that the fit of the Charlotte has been changed, the underwires are shorter below the armpit and the cups are a tad smaller than before, so you might want to pop over to Bratabase to check out the fit comparision.
Above is the padded (halfcup) version of the Charlotte, there is also the balconette version that I have already reviewed. The cups of the padded are lined but not padded (in spite of what the name might suggest) version.
I feel that the black piping and the vertical lines on the cup add visual lift and make for a very flattering optical illusion.

Over to you: which bras are you lusting for this autumn? An don't forget to stay tuned for the HauteFlair giveaway this weekend!

Disclaimer: This post has been brought to you HauteFlair

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