How To Separate Your Lashes After Mascara With A Lash Comb

Clumpy vs separated lashes is a matter of personal taste, and I vote for the separated team. For me separated lashes look softer, more natural and neater. I can appreciate the look of clumpy lashes on others, but absolutely have to separate mine. 
After using a clean old mascara wand for that purpose for years, I finally got myself a proper lash comb. A beautiful one with metal teeth. A clean mascara wand wasn't doing exactly what I wanted it to do because the bristles were too short. Regular lash combs have plastic teeth and I was afraid that they have microscopic jagged edges from the mold (just like plastic hair combs) which will damage my lashes.

Then I discovered lash combs with metal teeth -- the teeth are slim and smooth so they don't mess with the hair scales. If you have access to Inglot, they have a lovely lash comb which is foldable (!!). Sephora also carries a nice one, so does Tweezermann. As I didn't find any metal eyelash comb in a brick-and-mortar store I went on Ebay and got this random comb for about 2€. I heard that it looks very much like the old discontinued Sephora platinum ones. I'm very happy with how it works, it combs through my lashes and separates them, without stripping them of mascara.

If you have never used a lash comb, here is how it goes: use it on freshly applied mascara while it's still wet, if it dries you'll have to tug to get the clumps off and unglue stuck lashes. If you are doing several layers of mascara, comb after each application. I think it's best to comb the top lashes from below, to lift them instead of pulling them down. From time to time you might need o clean the comb, although I noticed that almost no mascara actually transfers to it.

If you'd like to read more about applying mascara, I wrote all about that here.

Are you on team clumpy lashes or separated lashes? If the latter, what do you use to separate them?

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