Weekend Reads 27-10-2017

      Hi everyone, wishing you a lovely end of autumn! Here are some cool reads:
* Style: Tips on lingerie shopping from 50 experts. Including tips from me!

* Could I convince you to meditate with a single sentence?

* Home: A really interesting post about how a different way of organising the closet can change the way you build outfits.

* A ridiculously beautiful blog: Live Free

* On that note: I've got a Tumblr. The images are inspirations to live with the seasons.

* I loved this pieces on the costumes in Blade Runner.

* Bra Shopping: Haute Flair is offering 25% off lingerie till Cyber Monday with the Code: Expert50

The funniest wardrobe advertisement ever (switch on English captions).

Image credit: Christ Lawton

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