Spanish Reader Question: Ewa Michalak Sizing, Band Altering + Bras For The Tight Budget

My name is Carmen, and I recently found out I haven't been wearing the right bra size. I measured myself correctly, and ended up with a UK 32G size. I live in Spain. I wanted to try any Ewa Michalak bras, and that's what the question is about.
What size should I get, 70H or 70HH? I'm kinda scared of getting the wrong size and having to return it, since I barely have any money. I also don't want to risk buying on ebay, since I've had really bad experiences buying there before.
Would you recommend any brand in particular that's good but not expensive?

And would you recommend any tutorials for altering bands (making them smaller, from a size 36 and 38 to a 32)? I have a few bras that size with big cups, that I got at a sale, and thought I could use them if I can alter them.

For now, I am wearing a 34F bra, since it's the only one I could find close to my size that I could afford, and when I'm at home I don't wear one, so that bra can rest, and that way I don't have to use any of my old ill-fitting bras or bralettes.


Hello Carmen

When it comes to cup size, I always say that when in doubt get the bigger cups and the smaller band. First, chances are that when you wear the right size then all the migrated tissue will get back to the breasts and you will go up a cu size. Secondly, while a slightly too big cup only looks a bit off, one that is too small will cause breast tissue migration (armpit rolls and the like).
If you want to see how a specific Ewa Michalak bra fits, I suggest going to Bratabase, where users post exact measurements, photos and reviews on bra models in their size.

Figleaves' own bra brand of the same name is very affordable, and the entire site often has great discounts. If you keep a lookout on promotions (end-of-season sales, discounts for holidays like Valentines Day or Black Friday, you can save quite a lot of money.
If you have  TJMaxx or another outlet store in your area, I suggest taking a look there. The one in my city sells bras from the UK and I've seen really nice bras in "unusual" sizes for 5-10€. Also look for bra-fitting forums or facebook groups -- the members often sell or swap bras. I also highly recommend RandomActsOfBras to anyone struggling to afford a bra.

It is not so difficult to alter a bra band. Here are two tutorials of mine. Both work without cutting the band which would lead to the shape of the underwire changing:
The elastic tutorial
That´s all from me, over to you -- do you have tips for Carmen? Anyone from Spain out there?

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