Tips for using an epilator on different body parts

A list of tips and tricks to help you epilate each part of your body. Pain-o-meter included.

Once you've braved the basics and became an epilator whiz, you might be wondering about what else you can epilate. It's easy and mess-free, and the results are long-lasting, what's not to like ? Ah yes, the pain of the first few sessions.
Here are my tips for using the epilator on every body part, from top to bottom:


   Any part of your face is best left to tweezers, threading or the Epilation Wand.


   The first few times is very very very painful, but the slow regrowth time makes this really worthwhile. After some months of epilating the armpits hurt less than legs, actually they stop hurting at all.

The best position for armpit epilation: Stand in front of a mirror, and lean your elbow against it. Place your thumb on your shoulder, and stretch the armpit skin with your fingers. Epilate with the other hand. Your reflection will help you with spots you can't see very well.
You might need to make passes in different directions, since the armpit hair grows in all directions.
   Don't apply any kind of deodorant for several hours afterwards, and don't use soap. You could epilate before bedtime, or apply deodorant before epilating. I really seriously recommend switching to a gentle deodorant free from alcohol, aluminium and perfume.


  This area is not very painful and the skin is naturally taut. Just watch that elbow crease !

Bikini area:

   Ouch ouch ouch. If you attempt this, you're braver than me. You'll probably need to do just a tiny part at a time. And watch out for loose skin, stretch, stretch and stretch it. You might want to use just the roller attachment (or whatever head is least likely to grab skin).


   It's a big area to cover, so you might be tempted to go fast. Don't this will only cause the hair to break. Be careful with the area behind the knee: hold the skin very taut and stretch the leg.
   Also, take a good look at the back of your leg, we tend to do the front better, but it's the back that is more on display !


   For anyone dreading Hobbit feet, a few passes on the toe knuckles once a month is all you need.

***  I'm not saying that you need to epilate each and every of these areas. Keeping or removing body hair is a personal decision. Whatever you decide, rock it ! ***

Did I miss anything ? Care to share your epilating tips ?

Photo by Nerijus Rimkus    

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