Dynamic Wrinkles: What Lines Are You Creating ?

Dynamic Wrinkles: What Lines Are You Creating ?

   Frowning, scowling and squinting through the day ? You'll have wrinkles at 80 anyway, better make sure they are laugh lines.

   Dynamic wrinkles are made by repeated facial movements. These are often Botoxed, which works by paralysing the underlying muscles. But these kind of wrinkles are actually the least aging of the three kinds of wrinkles. You'll notice that the "sexy old ladies" in advertisements retain a lot of their dynamic wrinkles, it´s the static wrinkles and the wrinkle ridges that are Photoshopped away.

   Personally I'm not a fan of Botox, because the lack of facial mimicry due to paralysed muscles makes the face look sad, and often even weird. For the same reason I'll never try to stop laughing or smiling so as not to create wrinkles. Laughter is one of the sexiest things on this planet.

So, which wrinkles are you creating ?

    We're creating dynamic wrinkles with every facial movement and expression. Looking around me, I'm surprised how many people walk around with scowls on their faces, frowns or annoyed expressions. Some of us do have serious worries on our mind, but most are scowling at the weather, the public transport, noisy kids, the prices of vegetables at the supermarket, the hair their cat has shed. It´s worse in some cultures than others, and some of the most guilty people come from the wealthiest countries with the best living standards. Go figure.
    How many times a day do you frown ? Try this test: glue a piece of cloth tape between your eyebrows, keep it on for a day (or at least the times when you're alone). This will make frowning difficult, and you'll be aware of every time you frown. Try it also at night, some people sleep the night through with a scowl or grimace.

Frowning is just another habit

   How many times did you catch yourself frowning, scowling and grimacing ? Why ? Was the cause worth the annoyance ? Were you frowning at the weather or some other thing that was beyond your control anyway ? Are you a Virgo that frowns at every paper on the street ? Does the frowning help in any way ? Does stressing and worrying about that issue help ?
   Maybe you should take things lighter ? Like smiling at the rain ? Or smiling more often ?
   I realised that I wrinkle my forehead by raising it all the time, it's an unnecessary reflex and looks weird. I could totally live without it.


  How about the under-eye area ? Are you squinting because your contact lenses prescription should be changed ? (Mine changes every couple of months). Do you squint in the sun ? You might need sunglasses, especially when wearing contacts, since they make the eyes more sensitive to sunlight.


   If you smoke, just google "smoker´s wrinkles". That will motivate you to stop.

Face movement isn´t bad !

   Instead of trying to make your face immobile, try increasing it´s suppleness by exercising it.

      And finally: you'll have wrinkles at 80 anyway, better make sure they are laugh lines.

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