Top of the cup empty ? best bras for tear-shaped breasts

Breasts that are not full on the top ? Here is how to find a bra that doesn´t leave a gap at the top..

Women often think that empty space on the top of the cup is a sign that the cup is too big. But when rest of the cup fits perfectly and the next smaller cup size is clearly too small, then you have simply a bra model not compatible with tear-shaped breasts. So, which bra models are best for teardrop shaped breasts ?

happy Yes to:

Balconette cups
But only those cut low. (I mean the top edge of the cup should not be very high. In other words, the bra cup should be rather skimpy).
YES:   NO: 

Especially those cut low in the front. The highest point of the cup (where it´s connected to the strap) should not be too high.
YES:   NO: 

Oh yes. Some cleavage-enhancing plunges like the Freya Retro or Panache Inferno look like they´re highly built-up, but because of the shallowness of the cups and their specific shape, they usually work well on tear-shaped breasts and make a pretty cleavage.

sad No to:

Anything cut very high (giving a lot of coverage).
No "turtleneck bras".

Full cups.
Will never work on tear-shaped breasts.

Disclaimer: The bras which on the photos may actually be deeper / shallower cut than pictured. Often bras that look very low-cut on tall models may look like a turtleneck bra on a more petite lady.

Click image for more explanations on cup styles.

Want specific models ?

Here are some models recommended by the Bra Lobby and some tried by yours truly. Feel free to use them just as a reference. And check out Balkonetka´s Bra Catalogue for real-life photos of bras.
  • Pour Moi: Provence underwired (not the fullcup)
  • Most bras from Elle Macpherson, especially Coranto and Casablanca
  • Gossard: Eva Underwired Balcony Bra
  • Freya: Millie halfcup and Eva
  • La Senza: Georgia (take one cup bigger). Actually, most bras from La Senza
  • Cleo: Bobbie, Charlie and Robyn
  • Fayreform: Frosted
  • Panache: Harmony, Robyn, Tango (not Tango II), Venus balconette
  • Fantasie: Helena
  • Kalyani: Shape Me 
  • Ruby Pink: Ophelia and George
  • Most bras from Discover Mademoiselle
  • Masquerade: Luna, Maia, Antoinette bandeau

Interestingly, breasts implants are available in both round and tear-shaped models. Which should dispel the myth that teardrop shapes are somehow imperfect.

Photo by Celinaaa    

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