Butt Spa: Treatments For A Smooth Behind

Butt Spa: Treatments For A Smooth Behind

   So if anyone needs help with getting rid of blemishes, or has too much time on their hands, here are some ideas for a special treatment for your behind:

Scrub and Exfoliate:

   Never scrub big, inflamed butt pimples ! ! Be gentle, and don´t scrub more often than once or twice a week. Use circular movements.
   What to scrub with ? Try sea salt, which is also antiseptic an purifying. Used coffee grains are another favourite of mine. Loofah gloves or body brushes are great as well !

Cleanse and then Balance that pH

   To get rid of blemishes and lessen oiliness, try wiping the whole area with water that has a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice or witch hazel in it.

Oil for glow

   Oils dissolve oil-based impurities, and they lock in moisture when applied after a shower. Read my post on the oil cleansing method for a detailed explanation. For the butt, try adding a drops of lavender, or tea tree oil to a carrier oil (olive oil, jojoba etc). Or combine oil cleansing with exfoliating, and mix a scrub out of sugar and olive oil.
   A nice blend for getting rid of butt pimples is 1 part almond oil to 9 parts wheatgerm oil, and 2-3 drops each of lemongrass, lemon, juniper and geranium.

  Mustard oil is fantastically healing and antiseptic, but the smell can be quite off-putting. Try washing it off with a nice smelling body wash afterwards.

Cosmetic clay pack

Kaolin clays draw out impurities, and are amazing for acne. I´d suggest the green clay for the butt... If you can´t imagine walking around with a mud-smeared posterior, try adding a couple of spoons of the clay into your bath water. Remember to buy pure cosmetic clay, without additives.

   If you want more, I have written a full post on butt pimples here.

   What are your tips for a smooth, happy behind?

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