Review: Parfait Affinitas Tamara Demi in 30DD

     If the Tamara was a person, she's be a temperamental diva who can be difficult at times but you adore anyway. I actually had a character like that in a play once. The Parfait Affinitas Tamara is the bra that Sofia Vergara wore for her Allure shoot. Do note that this bra comes in two models: the Padded Bra and the Demi Bra. I reviewed the latter.

My breast type: currently my measurements are 68/81. My breasts are tear-shaped (bottom-heavy) and rather wide-spaced; and broader at the root (I prefer wider underwires).

Aesthetics: 5/5

    This is a really gorgeous bra, very elegant and seductive. I am in love with the lace trim! I love sheerness, and this bra has a lot of it. Sheerness is also very flattering, both to small boobs as well to large boobs.
    The fabrics are very nice, and I have to draw attention to the pretty straps -- half is made of two strands which adds a feeling of lightness to the bras, the second half is made of elastic that has a pattern -- a lovely sophisticated detail.
    The rhinestone stud with the tassel is a pretty boudoir touch. However it has a problem -- the prongs that hold the little stones sometimes get caught on stuff -- in the bra they catch on delicate fabric of camisoles, on the brief it catches on the lace insert (I have to be really careful when hand-washing the brief). Of course, you can cut it off if it annoys you too much.

Fit: 3/5

   The cups of the Tamara run small -- I got a cup size bigger than usual. The cups are lightly lined, and there is boning on the under the armpits which keeps things smooth.
   After wearing this several times, I realised that the Tamara Demi Cup is more of a bedroom and special occasions bra, while it's sister model the Tamara Padded bra is more suited for everyday wear (or so I have heard). In the Tamara demi, the lace can be difficult -- it doesn't lie flat and sometimes bunches down. The non-lace bottom part of the cups ends a teeny bit too low: it is at the nipple line for me, and sometimes the nipples pop out. This is not a bra I'll be running or jumping in. If the top of the non-lace cup were just a centimeter higher (a la a Discover Mademoiselle bra I own), things would have been just dandy. My hope is that the lace settles down to adapt to my body over time -- lace is a strange fabric, and often behaves better with time. Interestingly, even though the lace does nothing in terms of support, the rest of the cups do a good job of supporting and lifting, and the bra gives a very pretty cleavage.
    The underwires are medium in width and not too high, for me they are just right.
    The straps are made of two pieces so cannot be regulated all the way -- those of you who need to lengthen / shorten straps all the way might have a problem here.
    The band is very snug, and though I normally wear UK 28 bands, the 30 brand of the Parfait Affinitas was the right choice for me.

Comfort: 4/5

   While the lace can be annoying when it chooses to bunch down, I had to add extra points that the Parfait Tamara bra is very comfortable otherwise -- nothing digs in, nothing pinches. Also, apart of the popping out nipples, the breasts are supported pretty well from below, so I can do daily-life stuff in this bra. However, if you need bigger cup sizes, this might not hold true for you anymore.


   I decided to keep the Tamara for special occasions -- it makes me feel very elegant and sophisticated, and I love to wear it when I'm all dressed up with somewhere to go (obviously not when I'm going dancing). Even though the Tamara is not perfect, it is a welcome addition to my bra drawer, because I haven't had a grown-up seductive set -- and there is a place in every girl's closet for something luxurious though not entirely practical.
      If you love the look of the Parfait Tamara but need more support on the top, try the padded version instead of the demi cup version.

Parfait Affinitas Tamara Demi Cup 30DD Stats:

Band unstretched: 62cm
Band stretched to the maximum: 85cm
Underwire length: 20cm
Underwire width: 13cm
   These measurements have been taken after appx. 4 wears :)

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The Parfait Affinitas Tamara Thong :

    I always size up in briefs, and I did the same for the Parfait Affinitas Tamara thong. However they were still rather snug when I tried them on! I was dismayed at first, but they did loosen up nicely and now fit right after a wear or two (although snugly). They do run small, so don't forget to size up!

   The set for this review has been kindly provided by Parfait Affinitas. All the opinions are 100% mine, as usual.

    Do you have either of the Tamara models? What has your experience with them been? Also, what's your favourite special-occasion bra?

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