Weekend Reads 22-02-2013

This window  is probably the most relaxing image I have seen. Via.

  Hi everyone, how did your week go? I have had a quiet one, with gentle yoga classes, buying nice stuff for my home, and enjoying the very mild but white winter. Also, I got my spring Hyacinth -- every year I buy myself a Hyacinth when I feel spring is coming. I love the scent! (Also the first time I did this some years back my kid ate it...)

   I am happy to report that my week's challenge of making a timetable and sticking to it turned out great. I got a lot done, and the days felt longer! When I create the timetable for the next day I  realise that there is a limited number of things that I can fit it, especially if I want to schedule fun / rest and add some buffer time. This helps me to keep things real as well as prioritise and spread stuff out over the week in a kinda sensible manner. I have also been doing chores much faster -- I now have motivation to hang up the washing at lightning speed instead of in slow-motion -- if I'm done early, I get more "fun" time! I didn't schedule the weekends though, because with the entire family at home things get much more spontaneous / chaotic. I am going to continue to schedule my days, and I'd like to encourage you to try it out as well.

   My next week's challenge will be taking time to chew my food. I have this terrible habit of gulping food down (which I got with my first baby who always got hungry or wanted attention during mealtimes), and I know this is making digestion more difficult for me, because half of the digestion happens in the mouth. Also, I often overeat and feel stuffed. So, I'm going to eat slower and more consciously this week.

Onward to the links:

* Style: This post explains the how and why of altering garments.

* More style: belts and semi-tucking

* Life: You are going to die. Best thing I have read online so far this year.

* Bras: Did you know that often unpadded bras give a better shape and lift than moulded bras?

* Body: I found this article about exercise really interesting. Not sure if it's really like that, however it is probably good news for lazy people like me.

* Book of the week: Mind Parasites is a science fiction thriller, part of which happens inside the minds of the characters. I enjoyed it a lot, it is nothing like any other science-fiction book I have read. I totally recommend it to anyone who is interested psychology, meditation and conspiracy theories.

Check these out: