Why And How You Should Care For Your Scalp + DIY Scalp Treatments

    If you want healthy hair, try taking care of your scalp. After all, that is where the hair grows, and a healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

  I have already mentioned a couple of things you can do for your scalp, like matching your shampoo to your scalp and not your hair, scalp scrubs, massage and upside-down positions. Today I want to talk about scalp treatments. These are products, oils or DIY mixtures that are applied and massaged into the skin of the head.

Scalp treaments help to:

Minimise hair fall
Quicken hair growth
Stimulate growth of new hair, which increases the overall volume
Strengthen hair
Treat oiliness
Moisturise a dry scalp
Treat dandruff and itchiness

How to use scalp treatments:

   It's a bit hard to apply anything just to the scalp with the fingers, although you can try it. The best way is either to use a spray bottle (you can decant your product into one) or a bottle with a very small opening or even a dropper, ball of cotton or a big syringe. A brush that is meant for dyeing hair roots works with thicker treatments. Apply the product all over the scalp and gently massage in.
    Scalp treatments need to be applied regularly for them to work. Most should be used every day for a month (then take a break or switch to another treatment, as the scalp get accustomed). Most should be applied on washed and towel-dried hair; however the oily / messy / smelly ones should be applied only before washing the hair: apply them before every wash and leave on for at least an hour.

   You can make your own hair treatments or buy them. Do remember that if you are using an alcohol-based rub-in, your hair might need extra moisture; and it might not be suited to sensitive scalps.

Recommended scalp treatments

    There is so much you can try rubbing onto your scalp! I would like to share some suggestions with you. Most of them are DIY, as I haven't tried much store-bought scalp treatments. Of course nobody can predict whether something will work for you or not, as everyone's skin and hair is different. So have fun trying things out!

Birch Water
    Birch water lifts the hair at the roots and keeps the roots fresh and non-greasy longer. However it contains alcohol so it is not meant for people with sensitive scalps. I have used the one from Isana (Rossmann) and it gave me lots of baby hair.

Herbal Tinctures
    A tincture is prepared just like a tea: just pour boiling water (2-3 glasses over 1 tsp of the herb). Fenugreek is amazing against hair fall and for hair growth. Horsetail strengthens the hair and stimulates growth. Chamomile is great for blonde hair, it enhances the colour and is anti-dandruff and adds volume. Calendula makes the hair redder, is anti-dandruff, moisturising and soothing.
Salvia is against oiliness while rosemary add shine and helps with dandruff. You can use fresh herbs or buy dried ones meant for teas. Herbs can often be a bit drying, so if you have a dry scalp try herbal oils.

Herbal oils
   You can take a herb and pour warm oil over it. Store in a dark and dry place for two weeks, sieve and use. It will have the properties of the herb + the properties of the oil you use.

    Oils make great scalp treatments, especially for dry, itchy scalp. The effects will of course depend on the type of oil you used: Burdock oil is great against dandruff and hair fall. Sesame stimulates growth and helps with dryness. You can also add essential oils: a drop of tea tree oil is great against dandruff while rosemary is for oily scalps. However do read up on the essential oil you plan to use and do a patch test first.

    If your scalp is dry, you should try applying conditioners on it. leaving them on for a while and then washing them off. However, note that products that worked well on your hair might not work for your scalp. And vice-versa -- so if you don't like what a conditioner does to your hair you can test it out as a scalp treatment.

   The black radish mask is great for oily hair and dandruff. For hair fall, try black cabbage, onion, garlic or cardamine. Diluted lemon juice or cider vinegar are great for oily scalps. Nettle juice promotes hair growth. Natural yoghurt and flax seed gel help against dryness and both are great for very sensitive scalps.

    Do you condition your scalp? Do let me know what your favourite products are.

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