Great Gift Ideas From Venusian*Glow

Gift Ideas from Venusian*Glow

If you are running out of ideas for Christmas gifts, here are some. These are products that I use and love, or recommendations from close friends.

Dr Hauschka cosmetics set

  There are several sets of mini-versions of the cosmetics available, for travel or to try out the products. At around 10€ it won't break the bank, and I love the sleek minimalistic packaging. Dr Hauschka cosmetics are high quality and certified natural. The rose cream also makes an amazing gift.

Alfi thermos flask

  A thermos is such a lovely comfort in the winter. You know that moment when everyone is frozen stiff and then someone takes out a thermos flask full of hot tea? Alfi has some really pretty models ranging from ornate retro to sleek modern curves; an aesthetic alternative to the typical utilitarian designs.

The Gerber shard keyring tool

  The perfect gift for McGyvers, geeks, travellers, the outdoorsy and preppers. A sleek tool that goes on your keyring, small, light and airline-safe,  And since it goes on a keyring, chances are high that you will have it on you when the zombie apocalypse hits. Buy it together with a braided steel wire keyring.

Basil bike bag

  Basil is a brand from the Netherlands makes practical and affordable bike bags, panniers, baskets and so on. These range from cute colourful pieces to stylish and sleek to robust outdoor stuff, so there is something for everyone.I own a Basil Malaga bag and love it to bits, but was also considering getting a Basil Myrte.

Packing cubes

  Travellers will love these, it keeps everything organised in your luggage. For best quality get the ones from Eagle Creek, but if your budget is tight the set from IKEA is good too. I have both, and cannot imagine travelling without my packing cubes.

A wellness coupon

   Most people feel guilty about spending that money on luxury for themselves, but love to get on as a gift. That is why getting a coupon for a massage, spa, sauna or a beauty treatment is so amazing. If you don't know what the recipient would like, try a coupon to an place that offers many different kinds of services.

Natural soaps and candles

   Who doesn't like beeswax candles and pretty handmade soap? Both smell divine, feel divine, are healthier and are such a delightful little luxury. For those of you with a DM nearby, I got some beeswax candles for around 5€ each that burn for around 35hrs!

Blackberry Z10

   If you want to splurge and give a loved one a smartphone, the Blackberry Z10 is probably the best thing on the market right now. It is lighter, faster and more secure than an iphone (and way cheaper) and has a great touch keyboard. Plus, it is super secure: the data is encrypted and it is much harder to hack into than a windows phone or an iphone! The Z10 is also quite affordable at the moment, since the next model Q10 has come out.

A Crumpler bag

  These camera/laptop bags fit the sweet spot between being stylish enough for city wear and sturdily practical enough for the road. The products range from cases to handbags to backpacks to bum bags , made especially to carry SLRs and laptops. I got a Crumpler Quick Escape camera bag for myself and really love it: it can be worn on the waist or slung across the shoulder, it is really practical, and it looks good without attracting too much attention. Best of all, it encloses my DSLR snugly as a glove (it is available in several sizes), while most cases I tried were unnecessarily bulky. and would not fit into my handbag.

Fancy Food:

   When I'm stumped for a gift, I go for food. Handmade pasta. A quirky cheese. Nice wine. Something interesting from an Asian store or the Russian market. A fancy oil or vinegar. The nice thing here is that you needn't spend a lot of money. 7€ isn't a lot of money, but it can buy some nicely fancy chocolate.

   If you prefer DIYing a gift, here is my roundup of great beauty DIY tutorials from all around the internet. And here are more great gift ideas from me. For bonus points, pack  your gift in a Furoshiki. And don't forget to attach a heartfelt note!

   What is your go-to gift idea? What would you like to get as a present?

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