Keeping Makeup Brushes Clean + The Problem With Microfibre Cloths

    A while back I had some skin issues that reminded my that I had to pay attention to keeping my beauty tools cleaner.
   Microfiber cloths are great for removing make-up and exfoliating and I love them, however they don't show up dirt as much as cotton pads do. Because of that I often wasn't removing my make-up fully. Try checking how many cotton pads you need to use with your preferred cleansing method till you get a clean white pad, and use the same amount of microfibre cloth squares.

   My second issue was make-up brushes. Being a germ-loving European, I had been neglecting this. Then I realised that the build-up of facial oils, face products, make-up and dust on my brushes wasn't doing my skin any good. Now I wash my most used brushes (foundation, powder, concealer, highlighter, blush/bronzer) every Friday -- because that's the day the bedroom gets cleaned, and on the way around the room I pick up the brushes from my make-up station and give them a clean. I don't wear make-up every day and use mostly dry products (minerals), so once a week is sufficient for my brushes. Also, I get annoyed if they aren't dry the next day. (BTW this is how I dry my brushes).
   Bottom line: my skin started looking much better once I got diligent about cleaning my brushes. Clean brushes also do a much better job of applying make-up.

     What's your brush cleaning schedule like? Anyone else forgets about keeping them clean?

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