Recipe: spicy ginger tea for cold days

This is probably my favourite tea ever. It was my perfect hot and warming drink for the bleak cold days, especially when I wanted something stronger than the mild herbal teas. It is also a big favourite of my guests.
   I can´t drink gallons of it anymore since ginger lowers my already low blood pressure, but I sneak in a cup whenever I can. My cups tend to be XXL, by the way. The mug in the photo is from Bolivia but it´s actually my husband´s, mine is similar but chipped. We have an I break it = I use it policy at home. But I used the whole one for the photo, since you don´t serve guests chipped china.

spicy ginger tea recipe

   So, here is the recipe, in a pretty format that you can even print out and pin on your kitchen cork board. Click for large !

    This recipe comes from my dear friend who is from China. Apparently the Chinese love ginger in everything, and my friend knows how to make it taste delicious. She loves to make it extra spicy by adding lots of ginger and letting it simmer till the tea has a dark colour, but feel free not do do it if you prefer yours less spicy.

Photo by Eternal*Voyageur  

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