Protein For Hair: Who, What and How.

   Protein is a great ingredient in hair care that is often misunderstood. Not all hair types benefit from protein. Also, protein works best if not used too often. Here are some tips that will help you find out what your hair needs:

Some hair loves protein, some hates it.
   You will probably benefit from protein if your hair is fine and / or porous. Protein works like little building blocks that fill the empty gaps in the hair shaft, leaving the hair smoother. Non-porous hair hates protein, unless it is fine (the hair). Here how you can test whether your hair needs protein or not.

Protein can leave the hair dry and crunchy.
   Unless followed by a moisture treatment. I like to add honey to my protein masque to moisturise.

If your hair hates protein...
   Just avoid it like hell. These are the names protein hides under in ingredient lists. Check your shampoo, conditioner and all styling products.

It´s easy to over-do protein.
   If every product you use contains protein, doing a protein masque on top of that will make things worse instead of better. Used in moderation, protein will fill the gaps in the hair shaft and add body; too much will weigh the hair down. Personally I use a protein treatment twice a month, more often than that makes my hair go crazy.

Protein takes at least 10 mins to work its way into the hair. 
   This means that protein in shampoos won´t get a chance to work. Try protein-rich conditioner, leave-ins, stylers and masques.

    When in doubt, try out a simple protein treatment and see how your hair reacts. You can easily whip one up at home with yoghurt or avocado, or buy a conditioning product that contains protein (I like Kallos Latte).

    Does your hair like protein? Do you prefer home-made protein treatments or do you have a favourite product?

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

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