Beauty Routine And Your Guy: To Hide Or Not To Hide?


    Once I read tips from women dating from ancient Greece, one of them was to never ever let your guy see you primping. The only thing you could allow your man to see was you doing you hair (but only if you had nice hair).
   I believe in keeping a bit of mystery when it comes to beauty routines. I think of beauty care and makeup a bit like magic, and I feel that magic works best if the magician doesn't reveal all his secrets.
   I wouldn't go so far as locking myself in the bathroom every time I moisturise, but there are a couple of beauty routines I do in privacy. These are: walking around in any kind of hair or face masks and removing body hair (includes tweezing my eyebrows). I also prefer to apply concealer and foundation in privacy, although I have no such qualms about eyeliner, lipgloss and the like. Obviously, my husband knows that that I wan't born with hair-free legs and that I pluck my eyebrows, but this doesn't mean he actually has to watch me doing that. Because nobody looks as good shaving as the lady on the pic above.

    Do you feel the same way about certain beauty routines, or do you have no such inhibitions? Would you wax/bleach/tweeze your 'stache with your significant other around? What about makeup? Also, I wonder if this is different in a same-sex relationship, girls having a different approach to beauty care and all?

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