Review: Only Her Latte Plunge In 65DD

   You might remember that when I was in Poland this summer I discovered the brand OnlyHer. I was blown away by the Amaretto but didn´t buy it because it was white. This month I got the chance to try out another bra from them: a big thanks to OnlyHer for giving me the opportunity!

   The OnlyHer Latte Plunge is an underwired, lined bra in the plunge style (there is also a halfcup version). The OnlyHer brand specialises in bras for smaller and medium busts, and their bras come in cups B-FF, bands 60(28)-80. You can buy their bras at their Polish-language and German-language online stores, where apart from their own line they stock bras from other Polish brands including Ewa Michalak, Dalia, Comexim as well as a couple of British brands.

   Recently I realised that my summer wardrobe is based on nude lingerie -- I can't have enough of it! And one of my new favourites is the OnlyHer Latte Plunge. Here is my review of this bra:

Aesthetics: 3/5

    Real nude bras are rarely stunningly beautiful, and the Latte isn´t either. Nude bras are very often ugly and matronly, but the Latte definitely isn´t. The beige is actually a blush and the fabric has a sheen to it, which makes it look elegant. The top edges of the cups have a nice "wave" to them, which is very flattering for smaller busts. Funnily, on some models this is just a light wave and on others it is a peak. The little contrasting bow in the center is a nice touch. The bras is pretty yet simple enough to work under sheer tops.
   The straps are slim and light.
    The top edges of the bra are slightly visible through close-fitting tops, which is a price one has to pay with most low-cut cups. The central seams are invisible even in very fitted tops.

   The cups bring the breasts strongly closer together. This combined with the very low cut gives a seriously nice cleavage. However if you have very unfirm breasts that are prone to spilling out of cups, this will not work for you and you might want to try the half-cup version instead.
   The cups are cut very deep, which is very flattering for smaller busts. The shape they give is very round. As this bra is very "open" on the top, it will probably work for shallow breasts. However you might consider going down a cup size (especially if you don´t have much breast tissue on the top).

   The Latte plunge is an underwired bra with soft, but lined cups. This means that the cups are not moulded or padded, however several layers of fabric are used to avoid nipple show. As you might have already read on this blog, soft cups are much better for the breasts, but nipple show can often be an issue!

Fit: 5/5

   The cups are low-cut which I find very flattering. This cut avoids the typical problems with the top edge gaping / cutting in.
    The underwires have a medium width. They are pretty comfortable. The center gore is very narrow, which means that the underwires are very close together at the center. The underwires don´t go up high below the armpits. Ideal for petites and high-placed breasts, but might be problematic if you have a lot of migrated breast tissue in the area which needs a firmer hand underwire.
   The straps can be regulated all the way. The are slim, but surprisingly stable and strong.
   The band is standard. I got a 65(30) which is supportive, but I could easily have dropped down to my standard 60(28). The closure is 4x2. From what I have heard, the band holds up very well over time and doesn´t stretch out.
  On me the size of the cups is just a hair below too small, yet the next cup size would be clearly too big.
      The cups feature inserts which can be used for a slight push-up effect or to correct asymmetry, depending on whether you put both inserts into one cup or one in each. The inserts are a tad thinner but wider than those on my Ewa Michalak Onyx.

Comfort: 5/5

   I really like the soft cotton that lines the cups on the inside. The underwires have also not given me any trouble at all.
The support is quite good, and even though the cups are very low cut, nothing falls out when when I bend down.
  On the whole, this bra is one of those that I absolutely cannot feel on me! It would be the bra I would choose if I had to wear the same bra for 24hrs or more (when travelling).


   The OnlyHer Latte Plunge is clearly going to be a re-buy staple. I love low-cut cups, and enjoy the freedom the inserts give me to control the amount of cleavage I want.

Brownie points: This is a new feature, where I will be mentioning special thing about the bra, model or brand which I see as extra positive.

  • In my email exchange, the Only Her representatives really took care that I got the right size bra! It is not often that the lingerie brand people I get into contact with actually know how the bras of their brandfit.
  • The online store mentions when a bra runs smaller or bigger than standard. Why don't all the online stores do that?
  • The OnlyHer Latte Plunge won second place in the A-C category of the best nude bra at Stanikomania. (The first place was taken by the OnlyHer Latte Halfcup!)

OnlyHer Latte Plunge in 65DD Stats

Band unstretched: 59cm
Band stretched to the maximum: 80cm
Underwire length: 20cm
Underwire width: 14cm
   These measurements have been taken after appx. 6 wears :)

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The OnlyHer people let me know that their English-language website will be launched in early 2014. Till then you can shoot them a mail in English with your order, and any questions about sizing that you may have.

   So, would you like to try the Latte Plunge, or maybe the halfcup? Does anyone own and other OnlyHer bras, and if yes -- what is your opinion of the fit? If not, which one would you like to try?

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